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Frustrated because of Inacuracy

While looking through the medications, I click on one and the title when it pulls up the page doesn’t match. That’s super frustrating not to have it updated and accurate. I’m mad I paid $4 for an app that I really can’t use because the medications don’t align. This needs to be worked on and fixed.


I purchased this to make sure I’m making safe decisions regarding what I take while feeding my son. It worked great the first 24 hours. Now, I keep getting an error code and it won’t load anything, making it useless. I wouldn’t complain if I hadn’t spent $4 on an app that doesn’t work when I need it...

Great Info but crashes all the time

App needs to be fixed. Love the info when I’m actually able to get it but the app crashes constantly.

? can we print info

It would help if info could be printed or forward by text or email

Not very helpful

I am extremely sick with a cold and congested and unsure of what to take and when you click on symptoms it says on almost every one that there is no data probably compatible. What does that even mean?? Extremely frustrating when you just want answers on a holiday weekend. Wished I wouldn’t have bought it.

Loved but won’t work anymore

I loved this app when I had my son but for some reason now when I try to access the app it just spins like it’s thinking but never connects. I can’t use it or find a link for customer service and don’t think I should have to pay to redownload it.

Not updated, inaccurate information

I wanted to like this app, but the inaccuracies and lack of common medications make it absolutely worthless, not sure why apple has an app like this presenting such sensitive data still on the store.

Want to like it...

I want to be able to rate this a 5 star, but I’m so disappointed by its constant inability to be useful when I need it! Currently it’s telling me internet connection errors and not bringing me anything. This app could be so importantand so vital to pregnant and breastfeeding moms, it needs to work each and every time!

Outdated information

There are multiple medicines with outdated information on here that they deem as safe but if you search it up on infant risk itself it shows it's absolutely not safe to take. 😡😡😡 You all seriously need to fix that.

Glitchy and Useless

This app doesn't tell you anything additional about the medications. Google would be much better and free. Also it wouldn't even register my baby's birthday. No matter what I put it said my child was 12+months. The screens will freeze and then nothing will show up under the medication pages. I've deleted it and re-downloaded it twice and no different. Totally not worth the money! Do not download.

Can't even use

I tried to register and it keeps telling me there is an error. Can't get any information or help.

Must-have app!

I also wish I'd downloaded this sooner- so convenient, and great comfort knowing the ratings come from a great research group. Much more trustworthy (and easy) than doing your own internet searches about safety. Also, there's a lot of healthcare providers who simply don't know if medications are safe, so they just tell you to "pump and dump" or even quit breastfeeding when neither is required for baby's safety and makes breastfeeding a greater challenge for us moms. Great resource, easy to use and understand, highly recommend!

Good information but cumbersome

Good to have info about meds at my fingertips when pregnant. It's a bit frustrating, though, to wade through the enormous list of drugs for a condition to see which one I can take. Would be helpful if I could sort them or filter them for ones that are safe for my condition.

Not worth the cost.

With all the information freely available online and all the extra registration steps involved, this app is defiantly a rip off for a simple database website.

Wish I'd found it sooner

I've been nursing babies for 4 years straight. Trying to figure out if I could take a med in the wee hours I bought this app and wish I had known about it sooner. I normally call my ped to verify meds I take which works well, but not after hours and a lot of other sites/apps do not have the data base this site has as well as the simplicity of figuring out safety. Dr. Hale is THE go-to in this field and knowing this app is based off his research makes it easy for me to trust.


Currently getting a red screen and unable to get drug information. Was a great app when it worked.

Thanks for creating this excellent, easy to use app!

Thanks for creating this valuable resource! It helps ease my mommy-to-be brain!

Did not deliver

The app failed to deliver any useful information on the medication. It described as "probably safe" without any additional description like: half life of the medication, how long it stays in the system, uses of the medication. Bottom line is the app did not aid in making the decision whether to take the medication for surgery. Will not recommend to fellow moms.

Pregnant AND Breastfeeding

When setting up the app, I was disappointed that you had to choose: pregnant, breastfeeding, or neither. Why not both? Also, why would you need the app if the answer is neither? I do love that once you enter a medication, it shows each trimester of pregnancy and each stage of breastfeeding!

So easy to use!

Great app! Love the ability to scan items at the store. This app is a life saver.

Helpful for dads

My wife made me buy this app, and it came in handy the first time she sent me to the store for pain medicine. As a dad who did not know much about pregnancy, this app put me at ease when purchasing medication for my wife. I highly recommend!



Please fix

This app is useless due to the fact that no medications are displayed. For example; if I click on "prescription drugs" then click on a letter, the screen is blank. Totally useless. I wish I hadn't paid for this app.

Disappointing, not enough detail

For this much money I'd like some more thorough citations and more information about studies.

Excellent research based app

As a doctor I field questions constantly about the safety of various drugs during pregnancy and breast-feeding. I often refer patients to look at InfantRisk and Motherrisk's website but it's not the easiest for simple searches. This app puts the same database of info in an easy to find and understand format. Highly recommended!

very good app!

lots of answers to a lot of small (and big) questions/issues…

Stellar advice!

MommyMeds made me feel a lot better searching for advice on what to take while I was sick last week. Great advice all around on what to take while I'm breastfeeding. Much better than WebMD!

MommyMeds is a Great Investment

Being pregnant for the first time is scary enough without having to worry about if your medicine is safe to take or not. I trust MommyMeds to give me the most recent information regarding the safety various medications. I love that MommyMeds is also customizable based on the trimester of pregnancy. By using this app I learned that Ibuprofen can cause birth defects if used during pregnancy but may be safe for use by a breastfeeding mother after the baby is born. This is invaluable information that all mothers need to have access to!

the best app for breastfeeding moms

Lots of great info here!

Just a floor nurse

I am only a floor nurse. This app makes me so excited!! No more searching for the answer I need in drug guides. No more calling pharmacy. No more calling the sweet ladies in OB! I can get those answers quickly, and all on my own now. Thanks Dr. Hale! Sincerely- A med/surg nurse :)


Whenever I search for and click on a prescription drug, I get an error message that says "Application Error - 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'a.trackEvent') at listmanager.js (line 1)." Was this app actually tested? Also the list of prescription drugs is missing a lot of common medications. I didn't test the OTC meds, but from what I've seen so far this app is basically useless. Which is a shame because there is a need for an app like this.

Must have for breastfeeding mothers

I'm so excited about this app! It's a lot more user friendly for mothers than LactMed and I can't wait to use the barcode scanner. Thank you Dr. Hale!

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